Geospatial Portal 2013: Connecting to ERDAS APOLLO (13-11-12)

ERDAS APOLLO 2013 will introduce a new integrated web client, Geospatial Portal, which offers the features and functionality of the previous ERDAS APOLLO Web Client along with some new capabilities. Geospatial Portal is a configurable and customizable browser-based web portal that can be used for finding, viewing, querying, and analyzing geospatial data published by Intergraph products and/or other standard web services.

The latest release of Geospatial Portal now provides a unified thin-client front end for all geospatial server products in our product portfolio, and will provide ERDAS APOLLO customers with many more useful and standards-compliant features.

During this webinar, we’ll showcase how the Geospatial Portal can now be used to connect to ERDAS APOLLO to browse and search the catalog, consume and view data and services, download and clip datasets, and create value-added data products on-demand.

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