Introducing the Next-Generation IMAGINE Spatial Modeler (5-12-12)

The upcoming release of ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 will introduce a next-generation IMAGINE Spatial Modeler, an enhanced version of the popular ERDAS IMAGINE utility that enables you to standardize and automate geospatial processes.

It features an all-new, modern interface and provides real-time preview of results. In addition to the ERDAS IMAGINE raster operators, the new spatial modeler incorporates GeoMedia vector and grid operators to greatly extend the problem-solving capability. Python scripting allows users to extend the utility of the modeler and even incorporate operators from other software.

During this webinar, we will demonstrate how to use your existing spatial models, create new ones, and use Python scripting to extend the new spatial modeler. We’ll illustrate how you can automatically generate a graphical user interface for your model and then execute on batches consisting of hundreds of files. We’ll also show how to publish your models as a Web Processing Service (WPS) which can then be executed from our new web client via ERDAS APOLLO Professional. We will also show you how you can use GeoMedia vector and grid operators to build complex vector queries and perform cost-path analysis.

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