Change Detection for Your Workflow (5-02-13)

Change detection enables you to identify significant differences in imagery acquired at different times. It is often critical for imagery analysis. In addition, it plays a key role in enabling you to update your feature data based on new imagery.

Change detection workflows can be applied to understanding land use and land cover, delineating wetlands loss and encroachment, estimating forest loss caused by development or disease, identifying new housing and infrastructure changes, security, ship tracking, and mapping flood extent areas and disaster impact zones.

ERDAS IMAGINE offers tools providing different approaches to this critical workflow, with flexibility to meet your purposes and your available resources. During this webinar, we’ll show you the various approaches that ERDAS IMAGINE offers for detecting change in real-world scenarios. We will also discuss planning data acquisitions in support of chnage detection, and various image preprocessing techniques that improve change detection results.


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