Innovative Geospatial Apps for a Smarter Public Works System (20-02-13)

By incorporating location into your workflows, you can often make them easier, as well as more efficient and cost-effective. To make that happen, you need to offer tools that are clear to people who aren’t GIS experts.

GeoMedia Smart Client is a flexible, web-based GIS that enables you to configure and deploy easy-to-use, 
map-based, task-oriented web applications that allow anyone to leverage your geodata and advanced geospatial functionality, even without a significant geospatial background. It lets you implement your organization’s workflows, control access to GIS data at the feature level, and validate data and behavior. GeoMedia Smart Client integrates with your other business systems, and a single deployment can be configured for an unlimited number of applications – making it the perfect GIS for a smarter organization.

While GeoMedia Smart Client affordably meets the needs of a wide variety of multidisciplinary operations, this webinar will focus on its specific use in the public works sector. During this webinar, we will use GeoMedia Smart Client to complete a workflow that involves issuing permits and managing assets and inspections.


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