Easy Volumetric Measurements Using Geospatial Technology (30 Abril)

Webinar en inglés planificado para el 30 de Abril a las 17:00

During this webinar, we will guide you through a workflow that enables you to determine how much earth has been removed from a quarry or mine. Likewise, this workflow could also be used by anyone who stores landscaping or constructions materials (such as gravel, sand, or dirt).

We will begin by generating a high-density digital surface model (DSM) using advanced pixel correlation methods (including semi-global matching) on stereo imagery pairs. Using the DSMs, we will then illustrate how to create a set of bare-earth, digital elevation models (DEMs) that represent the ground surface both with and without the piles. Finally, we will employ newly released spatial modeling technology to prepare the DSMs for  the final steps of the calculations that provide a volumetric measurement of the pile.

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