Moderniza tus modelos de análisis especial con ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 (12 Junio)

Te invitamos a participar al Webinar planificado para el 12 de Junio a las 16:00 sobre el nuevo motor de análisis espacial de ERDAS IMAGINE 2013 (en inglés):

Are you a player in the geospatial field, and seeking to automate your image processing and analysis tasks? With the latest major geospatial software release, Intergraph introduced a radical update on ERDAS IMAGINE’s popular spatial modeling functionality that will enable you to easily do both. The next generation spatial modeler features an all-new, modern interface and provides real-time preview of results. In addition to the ERDAS IMAGINE raster operators, the new spatial modeler incorporates GeoMedia vector and grid operators to greatly extend the problem-solving capability.

During this webinar, we will show you how to import your legacy *.gmd files, augment them with the new technology, and then preview and run them.

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